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Keto Flours

You can find many of these products in local grocery stores now, but I like to order them online when I can because you can often find much larger packages for just a few dollars more.

Almond Flour
This almond flour is great for baking because it's finely textured and an even color.  This produces a much better product than those baked with almond meal.

Flaxseed Meal
As a vegan, you probably have this to use as an egg replacer - but it's also a great tool for keto baking.

Psyllium Husk Powder
This fiber is great for adding to baked goods because it makes them more elastic and fluffy.  It's a great stand-in for the gluten that's missing from a lot of keto friendly flours.


I like to use a variety of sugar replacements if I'm doing any keto baking.  Swerve is my favorite, and it comes in three types.  (You can even get a deal by ordering one of each here.)  It's made with erythritol which does not impact blood sugar and is effectively 0 carb.

Swerve Granular
This granulated form is great for basic baking.  Like all of their products is browns, crystalizes, and can even caramelize.  It's keto friendly and measures just like sugar.  When I'm able to I like to get the 48 oz bag.

Swerve Brown
This sweetener replaces brown sugar in recipes.  It tastes like the real thing!

Swerve Confectioners
This is my absolute favorite sweetener.  I use it most of the time.  Because it's powdered I find it very rare to experience the crystallization effect that can turn some sweets sandy when using erythritol.  When I'm able to I like to splurge on the 48 oz bag to save a little money.

Lakanto Maple Flavored Syrup
This maple syrup tastes close to the real thing.  The combination of erythritol and monk fruit sweetener also makes it perform like maple syrup if you're converting a recipe to be keto friendly.

Instant Pot
This all in one style appliance can slow cook, pressure cook, saute, and in some cases even make yogurt.  It's best for pressure cooking.  I like having the 6-quart size because you can cook a lot more food at once.

Slow Cooker
I love using the original Crock Pot because they are relatively inexpensive, but work well and last a long time.

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